Moon Breakers

Moon Breakers

Free to play multiplayer space dogfighting


  • Easy learning curve
  • Multiplayer supports up to 32 players


  • Uninspiring graphics
  • Repetitive
  • Levelling up takes too long

Not bad

Moon Breakers is an online multiplayer space shooter, where two teams of pilots fight each other in space among giant asteroids. It's free to play, and features RPG like leveling, so the more experience you get the better abilities you will have.

Moon Breakers begins with two base ships, Government and Pirates, and a field of asteroids separating them. There up to 32 players in a game, so it always feels pretty busy. Controls are easy to learn, and while your first couple of games might be frustrating as you learn how to play, you should soon get to grips with it and start racking up kills.

You can buy new ships and ship upgrades with real money, or with credits earned in the game. As is common with free to play games, getting credits from gameplay takes time. Ship upgrades are reasonably priced, but buying a new ship with credits will take a long time. The graphics are functional, with colored ship trails that help you pick out enemies in space, but it all looks a bit 'last generation' in terms of presentation.

Moon Breakers also lacks any back story to make you really interested, beyond 'pirates versus government'. The RPG element of Moon Breakers has too much effect - action games need to reward skill first, and achievements second. But in this game, however good you are, it feels like you can't succeed unless you put the hours of grind in to get credit and upgrade your ships (or just buy them).

Moon Breakers is fun for a while if you like online multiplayer shooters. It needs more character and better gameplay balancing to make you want keep coming back.

Moon Breakers


Moon Breakers

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